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Panning dung for gold – proper beetling

On Sunday the 8th of October I headed up to one of my fave stomping grounds, the Brackenhurst Campus muck heap. Pulled out on a previous visit was the (probable) county first Philonthus spinipes, a spectacular looking rove beetle. Now … Continue reading

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You can’t touch this… a beetle didn’t steal the show.

Fresh of the PSL meeting in Norfolk at Holkham Pines, I’ve spent the day going through the bits and coming down from the great sightings and stunning lifers new on the list. Before getting to it, a little re-cap from … Continue reading

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Spider Tiger Longhorn Saw Soldier Bug and Mole

Its time for a blog post about some of the fantastic things I’ve had the pleasure of getting my peepers on this and the past week. I’ve ticked off my most wanted carabid, most wanted spider, most wanted mammal alive … Continue reading

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Longhorn Beetle Recording Scheme!!!

Longhorn beetles: ‘typically characterized by extremely long antennae’ You ole show offs 🙂 – From the Dung Beetle UK Mapping Project, DUMP. Its been three months since the last post. With a bit of a gap in the uni work, … Continue reading

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2015 – Epic Ponking

2015 has been an epic year, too much has happened to sum it up in one blog post but I’ll do my best. Inevitably some stuff will be missing, at a later date and no doubt just after I hit … Continue reading

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