Recording Schemes and Groups

The National Longhorn Beetle Recording Scheme – Wil J. Heeney and Katy Potts took on the scheme in 2016. Please send all data to or upload via iRecord. You can find the recording scheme on Facebook and on Twitter @NLonghornRS.

The National Cleroidea and Lymexyloidea Recording Scheme – Wil J. Heeney and John Lamin. Please upload any data to iRecord until further notice as an email address is currently being set up. This is a new scheme which was started in August 2017.

More information can be found about the two recording schemes above and many others which cover many taxonomic groups here on the Biological Records Center website.

The Beetle of Britain and Ireland Facebook group was started by Rowan Alder and myself. The group hopes to provide a place for people to post photos for identification and/or confirmation and also acts as a one of many contact points for some of the other beetle recording schemes.