Publications & Talks


Heeney, W.J., and Potts, K., (2016). The Longhorn Beetle Recording Scheme, formerly Cerambycidae Recording Scheme. The Coleoptersit 25 (2): pg 76.

Talk, ‘The Longhorn Beetle Recording Scheme, Going Forward’ given at the Northern Coleopterist Meeting in Manchester and also at the National Biodiversity Network Conference held in Edinburgh.


Heeney, W.J., (2015). Platydema violaceum (Fabricius) (Tenebrionidae) discovered in South Lincolnshire. The Coleopterist 24 (1): pg 16.

Heeney, W.J., (2015). Reesa vespulae (Milliron) (Dermestidae) new to Lincolnshire. The Coleopterist 24 (2): pg 86.

Heeney, W.J., and Skinner, M., (2015). Philonthis spinipes Sharp (Staphylinidae) new to Nottinghamshire, VC 56. The Coleopterist 24 (3): pg 187.