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On the day of the super moon, the stars came out… tedious link.

While spending the day splitting logs on the yard in South Lincs, the talk of the super moon lead onto talking about the earth stars that have sprung up. Just before I head up to the NBN Conference in Edinburgh … Continue reading

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Probably The Pinnacle of Ponking

Ponking was and still is just a word used for going out and looking for something interesting fauna or floral related. Most often it isn’t concerned with taxa like birds or mammals, its an insect thing. It popped out one … Continue reading

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Cementing the ponkological mo-jo – Moth trapping

Fresh from the woods and still slightly grubby, this was worth the late night blogging frenzy. Moth trapping in Callan’s lane wood, South Lincolnshire, this evening took the irritated feelings of the evening away with a flurry of new species … Continue reading

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The pursuit of a naturalists mojo and the 844th species on the list.

The hammering of the rain against the window on Wednesday morning (18th/02) hampered what I had planned for that day.  It kind of sums up the past two weeks or so of natural history for me. From the 4th until the 21st of … Continue reading

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Ponk Logs, a tried and tested method

The species you can find on a small site with simple little methods are quite amazing, I would like to introduce ponk logs. They have probably been done before John had the genius idea but I’ve not heard of it … Continue reading

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