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A naturalist from the best county in England, Lincolnshire.

Whoop whoop!

Its the first blog post of 2017 but before having a look at the new lifers on the list, I have the challenge for the year. J.L and I have been kicking around together since 2010/2011, ponking our way through … Continue reading

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2016 – Sporadic Ponking

I’ve found a bit of time in between uni work to sum up the past years natural history sightings and outings. Overall it has been a below average year biological recording wise due to the ponk mojo coming and going … Continue reading

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On the day of the super moon, the stars came out… tedious link.

While spending the day splitting logs on the yard in South Lincs, the talk of the super moon lead onto talking about the earth stars that have sprung up. Just before I head up to the NBN Conference in Edinburgh … Continue reading

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If you can’t beat them, sweep them! Three firsts in one day.

While the world seems to be going crazy on Pokemon Go, I’ve been going crazy on British Wildlife Go. This is a post about one of my top three places to go wildlife hunting and a place that never disappoints. … Continue reading

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You can’t touch this… a beetle didn’t steal the show.

Fresh of the PSL meeting in Norfolk at Holkham Pines, I’ve spent the day going through the bits and coming down from the great sightings and stunning lifers new on the list. Before getting to it, a little re-cap from … Continue reading

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