Longhorn Beetle Recording Scheme!!!

Longhorn beetles: ‘typically characterized by extremely long antennae’ You ole show offs 🙂 – From the Dung Beetle UK Mapping Project, DUMP.

Its been three months since the last post. With a bit of a gap in the uni work, I think its time to put some information out there about the longhorn recording scheme that Katy Potts and I have taken on. Here is a brief post about the scheme and information regarding longhorn beetles. A more in depth post will follow in the near future.

The longhorn beetle recording scheme (previously the Cerambycidae recording scheme) has been running since 1982. Firstly, the two of us would like to thank the previous organisers, Martin Rejzek and Peter Hodge for the work they have done with the scheme and agreeing to stay in an advisory role. Taking on a this scheme from two distinguished Coleopterists is humbling to say the least, especially seen as from what I can gather, we are some of the younger scheme organisers.

So, what have we done and what have we got planned for the scheme since the announcement towards the back end of the year at the Coleopterist meeting held at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.We decided we would like a logo featuring a species that everyone would recognise. We went with Rutpela maculata! Many thanks to M. Skinner (you can find her at @beetlewidow on Twitter) for designing a logo. A fine job indeed.


We also decided we should have more of a presence on social media;

Find me @theponker and Katy @KatyPottsEnto

Find us on Twitter @NLonghornRS

Find us on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1577096312614327/

We encourage anyone on these platforms interested in natural history and beetle to join up and join in on the discussions.


Sending in records

We have a few ways people can send in records. iRecord (http://www.brc.ac.uk/irecord/) is a fantastic resource which allows people enter records with pictures so that the relevant people can pick up and verify. We urge anyone and everyone to keep a look out for these spectacular insects and submit sightings into iRecord, please submit photographs where possible. Signing up to the website is free so what are you waiting for!

We have a new email address associated with the scheme which has been provided by the Biological Records Centre. Please send records in a spread sheet format to the following address – longhorns@brc.ac.uk. The standard information should be included,

Date of sighting,




Who identified the species, even if it is the same person,

If anyone confirmed the record,

Location & at least a six figure grid reference (ideally an 8 figure grid ref),

Lastly, how it was found.

Any extra information you can attach to the record will also be very beneficially.


The British Coleoptera Website

The address for the British Beetle website can be found here – http://www.coleoptera.org.uk/. We have plans to update the site with our own section on the website mirroring the leaf beetle and ladybird scheme which will provide information about longhorn beetles.


Information about longhorn beetles 


That about does it for this post,

Ponk on.


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