…not another county first (plus a VC county first too).

Luck, it has a big part to do with this ponking lark.

This evenings post has been powered a mix of NOFX and Silence, it’s getting a bit late.

03/07/2015 – Bourne South Fen

Chernes cimicoides – 1021. Spotted this while turning over birch logs on the work yard. JL sees these a lot in the woods while grubbing for deadwood species, I don’t see them that much so I potted this one. I couldn’t find a key online so instead sent it to the recording schemes Dr Legg for identification. I have heard back now that it is/was C. cimicoides, typical of rotting wood/beneath bark. The first pseudoscorpion on the list probably the last. It is the first record in VC 53 (south Lincs), it has been recorded from North Lincs (VC54) twice previous, once in the 90’s and once in the early 1900’s.

Chernes cimicoides

Chernes cimicoides

10/07/2015 – Nottingham CC M.V Trap.

The moth trap in the back garden didn’t bring in any new macros but a wealth of new micro species.

Clepsis consimilana – 1022. Quite a dull looking moth that required JL to have a look at.

Ancylis achatana – 1023. The larvae roll or fold hawthorn or blackthorn.

Batia lunaris – 1024. A standout moth and I’m not sure why, maybe the sandy colour does it for me.

Batia lunaris

Batia lunaris


Yponomeuta evonymella – 1025. Two of these landed on the trap about half an hour apart from each other. I had a go at identifying one of these the other night but need outside help…. however, looking at the UK Moths site (Here), apprently this is the easiest of the similar species to split. What ever 😉

Ectoedemia decentella – 1026. Stand out moth from the trap, just the one landed on the board I use to shield the neighbors from the bright M.V light. I couldn’t place it in the micro moth field guide, JL suspected leaf miner and checked the relevant literature he has. The larvae mine sycamore seeds. Not recorded that often in Nottinghamshire, they are bleddy small after all.

Ectoedemia decentella

Ectoedemia decentella

Crambus pascuella – 1027. A common species that can be disturbed from grasses during the day. A few very similar species exist.


Now onto the highlight of the post…

10/07/2015 – Bourne South Fen (in the day before the previous micros, just found out about this as a late minute addition).

Xeris spectrum

Xeris spectrum

Xeris spectrum – 1028. A stunning sawfly that landed on JL whilst we were pruning Christmas trees. “Hey, a wood wasp” he called as I sprinted as fast as I could back to the tunnel for a pot. Thankfully it was on his leg as I returned to make the capture. I’m pleased I went to the effort because it wasn’t a familiar one. It took a bit of detective work, first using an old RES handbook available here. I needed confirmation so I sent a bunch of pics of it on the setting board to the county recorder for the group. He confirmed it was X. spectrum along with it being a spectacular find. He and the online material surrounding it suggest that it gets imported in timber or commercial plantation trees. Now, we have had a load or two of wood from a wood our boss owns part of, it could well have come from there as it sits next to Forestry Commission woodland. This is worth a read – for a Wikipedia page, it’s got some creditable references in!

Xeris spectrum

Xeris spectrum

A new county record for Lincolnshire, both VC 53 & 54… four in four weeks with two moths, a beetle and now this sawfly. Not bad at all.

Ponk on.


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  1. Some symmetrical pinning too!

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