A quick update, 750 plus.

The ticks continue and my knowledge broadens ever so slowly I hope. Pretty much everything has been gone through from Saturdays adventures, some extra ticks whilst looking through the photos from the past week also cropped up. Even more annoying looking at these beetles from the 13th and not having my macro lens with me, bah!

Nottingham Arboretum 07/09/2014

Hedge Mustard – 750, found growing in a few places.


Nottingham Arboretum 10/09/2014

Zygiella x-notata – 749, found hiding on a leaf as I entered the park by the small entrance of Mansfield Road.


Zygiella x-notata

Zygiella x-notata


Grimsthorpe 13/09/2014

Further additions from the ponkathon carried out on Saturday at G’Thrope.

Quedius cruentus – 746, found on Chicken of the Woods growing out of a very old oak.

Paromalus flavicornis – 747, found on a log stack under some bark.

Ontholestes murinus – 751, quick, fast and seen running across a cow pat.

Mycetophagus piceus – 752, found on Chicken of the Woods.

Heterogaster urticae – 753


Bourne Woods 13/09/2014

Further additions from the trip around the woods.

Araneus marmoreus var. pyramidatus – 748, found on a large web between two branches.

Tetropium gabrieli, Larch Longhorn – 754, found on on a stump at the top end of the wood.

Araneus marmoreus var. pyramidatus

Araneus marmoreus var. pyramidatus




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