Get the BUG OUT

Whilst out on a habitat survey my eye was drawn down ta’wards  a small bug shaped object hiding in the vegetation. I wasn’t supposed to be looking for inverts but i can’t help myself, immediately i jumped own to get a better look at the critter, something i hadn’t seen so a photo was taken and i carried on wondering the land, clip board in hand.

Later whilst looking though shield bugs online, i found a match, the wound-wort shield bug. Cracking and…. tick.

Wound-wort Shield Bug

542 Woundwort Shield Bug
Eysarcoris fabricii

543 Common Striped Woodlouse
 Philoscia muscorum

544 Apion frumentarium 

Later on, survey complete i headed into the Dumble to carry on looking for saproxylics. A tap of a dead elder branch later and two beasts popped onto my home made beating tray. A nice new woodlouse and a red weevil which i have hopefully got right at Apion frumentarium.

Apion frumentarium

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A naturalist from the best county in England, Lincolnshire.
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